Seasoned Mother needs 15 minutes

View the first 15 minutes of this newborn's life and his mother's constant and loving attention

Backwards Pull

One spring, I helped my husband pull a calf. Turned out to be a backwards calf.

The cow was gentle, the calf was fine and I took as many photos as time would allow.

The gaps in the process are when I put down the camera and jumped in to help!

First Calf Heifer

We were calving around the historic barn. When I went to feed this morning, we had a heifer calving. I had taken a cup of coffee planning to spend at least an hour. This took 4 minutes! When the heifer got up, I could see that the water bag was over the baby's nose, so I put down my camera, climbed through the barn and walked down to help it get started in this new life. Since this was just the second calf in this group of first-calf heifers, everyone wanted to "help".